The 24/48h Travel Bag (Small)

The essential 24/48h travel bag from A-Series is a stylish, robust and elegant duffel bag for all short trips and completes our range of custom-made luggage. With these 3 sizes, you can fit it perfectly into the car trunk.


  • Black or brown leather (/LTH)
  • Special colour to match your project (/LTH-SPC).
  • You will find 2 handles (2 lengths optional), 1 tightening strap and 1 zipped closure.


  • Matching tartan on choice.
  • The main compartment has an interior zipped pocket.

Branding “Laurent Nay Maroquinerie”.

All our items are delivered with a protective cover to ensure that they are well preserved for many years.

Handmade in Castels et Bezenac / Périgord – France.

1620,00  including VAT / + Shipping Cost


All items are made according to your requirements and expectations. That's why we don't keep any stock.
This is why delivery times are estimated between 33 – 77 days.


Your leather products deserve the utmost care, from the moment they leave our workshops in the Périgord, right into the boot of your car. That is why, we carry them in a cotton cover sourced in France for more transparency and responsibility.

Product Details
Reference :

24/48h Travel bag (Small)
AB400/LTH. In black or brown leather
AB400/LTH-SPC. In a special colour.
AB400/LTH-CFC. In leather supplied by the customer (on request).

L x W x H :

Small 24/48h Travel bag = 40cm x 30cm x 27cm (with handle 60cm)

L x W x H (in) :

Small 24/48h Travel bag= 15,7in x 11,8in x 10,6in (with handle 23,6in)